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Watch S J Watson in conversation with Tess Gerritsen

It was so lovely to reconnect with Tess Gerritsen, and especially to talk about The Shape of Night, a book I really enjoyed. Tess is one of the first 'real' authors I ever met, at the Edinburgh Festival I believe, just before Before I Go to Sleep came out.

She was reading an early (proof) copy, not copy-edited or proofread and therefore full of typos I'm sure, and said she was loving it. I remember it was such an amazing feeling, having an author I admire read my work was mind-blowing back then, let alone her telling me she liked it. When that book came out Tess and I then did a short tour together. I was her support act, basically, but she was so warm and generous and insisted on sharing the stage with me, which was incredible.

Here's a chat we did, organised via Waterstones and originally on Instagram Live, but now uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy!

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