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New podcast featuring exclusive reading from Final Cut by S J Watson

22 July 2020

S J Watson has recorded a podcast for the Damian Barr Literary Salon, prior to his (online) appearance at an exclusive Salon on August 7th, where he'll be in discussion with Damian himself.


An exclusive treat! Get ready for a sneak peek of S J Watson’s phenomenal new thriller, Final Cut!

S J continues to push the boundaries of the psychological thriller genre he's celebrated for reinvigorating with his first novel, international bestseller (and film) Before I Go To Sleep.

In this new book we meet award-winning documentarian Alex, who's looking for a location to base her next film she receives an anonymous postcard urging her to choose Blackwood Bay. It isn’t long before she discovers the village is home to a string of disappearances and the apparent suicide of a young girl. Compelled to learn more, she travels to the village to find more than she bargained for. What secrets lie in the murky waters of Blackwood Bay, and what darkness will Alex find when her probing questions disturb the seemingly placid surface of village life?

Final Cut is published by Doubleday and available on 6th August 2020 (UK) in all good bookshops.

S J Watson is also a Salon Live Online guest on 7th August! Click the events page for tickets to join him and Damian Barr for a thrilling conversation online:
Podcast produced and edited by Megan Bay Dorman

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