Can you write a publishable book, or even a story that other people will want to read? Have you got what it takes? Is your writing any good? And if you do finish a draft, what then? How do you get it published? Are you wasting your time?

These thoughts are near universal, I think. Writing is a solitary act, and a novel is a long project. Feelings of doubt can sometimes feel constant, particularly when working on your first book. Without others to support you, it can be a very lonely journey indeed.


What is The Writers' Lodge?

The Writers' Lodge is section of my newsletter aimed at those who might be struggling with their work, or are considering embarking on a writing project and wondering whether they have what it takes to get their ideas onto the page, or may even just be considering their first tentative steps into writing fiction or fascinated by the whole process of writing.

What will I get?

Sign up to The Writers' Lodge and each month you’ll receive two newsletters, direct to your inbox, in which we’ll consider the process of writing and editing a long piece of fiction, with articles and exercises designed to help the writer establish whether they’re on track or in need of course correction. The newsletters will include:

  • How to determine if your idea is good enough

  • Navigating that tricky first draft

  • Dealing with difficult feedback from first readers

  • How to go about finding the perfect agent

  • Interviews with top authors and publishing professionals

  • Share your work in interactive Q&As with the group

My hope is that together we will create a supportive environment, with opportunity for subscribers to share their doubts, fears and (if they wish) their work, for the group to discuss.


The goal is to make the process of writing just that little bit less daunting, and the process of publishing a little bit less opaque...

How to sign up

The Writer’s Lodge updates will be sent to all those with a paid subscription to my newsletter. I’ve kept the price affordable, so for less than the cost of a weekly coffee you’ll receive the updates and full access to the archive, plus you’ll be able to leave comments and be part of the growing community.

Annual subscription  £95/year

Monthly subscription  £9/month